Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) founder Bishop Allan Kiuna. PHOTO | COURTESY

The passing of Bishop Allan Kiuna, founder of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), has left a profound impact on his congregation and beyond. At 57 years old, Bishop Kiuna succumbed to illness while undergoing treatment at a Nairobi hospital, marking the end of a courageous battle against cancer.

His journey with cancer became public knowledge in 2019 when his wife, Rev. Kathy Kiuna, shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram. Despite the immense pain and challenges, Bishop Kiuna sought treatment abroad, spending a year in the United States where he underwent extensive medical care costing over $3 million. Yet, in his triumphant return to Kenya in 2022, he joyously declared himself cancer-free during a poignant thanksgiving service at JCC on December 10, 2023.

During this service, which coincided with his 57th birthday and his 29th wedding anniversary with Rev. Kathy, Bishop Kiuna shared a message of faith and gratitude. He emphasized that his healing was a testament to the divine provision, stating, “I did not remove one coin from my pocket because the God of heaven provided.”

Throughout his tenure at JCC, Bishop Kiuna was revered for his dynamic preaching, unwavering faith, and commitment to social justice. His leadership not only transformed JCC into one of Kenya’s largest and most influential churches but also inspired countless individuals worldwide.

As tributes pour in from congregants, friends, and admirers, Bishop Allan Kiuna’s legacy endures as a beacon of hope and resilience. His life exemplified unwavering faith, resilience in adversity, and a deep commitment to serving God and humanity. Though he has left this world, his teachings and impact will continue to guide and inspire generations to come.

In this time of mourning, the JCC community and all who knew him are united in honoring Bishop Allan Kiuna’s remarkable life a life that touched hearts, transformed lives, and will be remembered with deep reverence and gratitude.

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