Mc King'ori, Nelly Kagoru and teamMc King'ori, Nelly Kagoru and team distributing solar radio in Mwakirunge Mombasa.

A few weeks ago, Lulu FM Radio, in partnership with Dream of a Child International Organization, organized a heartwarming event in Mwakirunge, Mombasa County. Mc King’ori as the ambassador for the organization in the Coast region and a radio Host at Lulu Fm Radio and admin had the privilege of participating in this impactful initiative. Mission was to evangelize and spread the gospel, and they did so by distributing free customized solar radios.

These solar radios are more than just devices; they are tools for empowerment. They allow individuals to easily listen to Lulu FM, access audio versions of the Bible, and receive daily words of encouragement.

”The warm reception we received from the community truly melted our hearts. However, it was also evident that the people of Mwakirunge feel marginalized by the government and political leaders, who often make empty promises without delivering tangible results.” wrote King’ori.

In response to these concerns, the Director of Dream of a Child International Organization ensured that every family attending the event received bags of maize. This gesture was met with heartfelt gratitude from the community, underscoring the importance of addressing both spiritual and physical needs.

The event was a reminder of the power of community and the impact of genuine, compassionate outreach. It highlighted the ongoing need for support and the role that organizations and individuals can play in bringing hope and resources to those who feel overlooked.

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