Miracle Baby, a prominent figure in Kenya’s vibrant gengetone scene, has had a remarkable journey marked by both triumph and tribulation. Known for his chart-topping collaborations with Sailors Gang, his path took an unexpected turn when he faced a daunting battle with illness, ultimately leading him towards a newfound devotion to ministry.

In a recent turn of events, fans were taken aback when a video emerged of Peter, also known as Miracle Baby, lying in a hospital bed, solemnly pledging to preach the gospel upon his discharge. This revelation stirred speculation among many, questioning the sincerity of his newfound calling.

His narrative embodies the essence of resilience and the unwavering strength found in faith. Transitioning from the pulsating rhythms of gengetone to grappling with illness and eventually embracing ministry, Miracle Baby’s story serves as an inspiration to many.

A recent video clip captures Miracle Baby delivering a sermon in Kikuyu to an enthusiastic congregation, marking his inaugural address since his hospital release.

In 2017, Peter, alongside his bandmates, burst onto the music scene with Sailors Gang, captivating audiences with their infectious gengetone anthems like “Wakiritho” featuring Octopizzo, “Pekejeng,” and “Wamlambez.” However, as the genre’s popularity gradually waned by 2021, Sailors Gang disbanded, prompting Peter to explore new musical avenues.

In a bold move, he delved into Mugithi alongside his wife Carol Katrue in 2020, captivating audiences with heartfelt love songs such as “Wendo Witetere” and “Kana Gaitu,” which quickly became radio favorites.

Yet, amid his musical pursuits, Peter faced a different kind of battle. Persistent stomach issues plagued him in 2018, leading to numerous surgeries and a relentless struggle with a gastrointestinal condition that demanded ongoing medical attention for nearly five years.



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