Zamzam Mohammed

   Her name is ZamZam Mohammedwhose good deeds has massively sold out in Mombasa and across Kenya with most of her supporters terming her as (Mama) #MombasaFahariYangu, this might have been as a result of her  Hard work, honesty and the aspiration to bring change to people’s lives as she says this have been her pillars since her interest in leading her people.

    ‘’Yes I lost, but the cry of our youth, women and people living with disability from 2018 has been too much and my main focus since then is them without having the mentality that I lost. I try much ‘Kwa neema za Allah’ to equip them with skills and empower them through my programs and platforms, which include education and health awareness.’’ ZamZam  said during an interview with Jesbcrazy.


Zamzam during a past event.
   In 2017 she contested for the Mombasa county Women Rep position under Wiper Party where she slightly missed (due to the Odm wave) the seat hence much pressure has been exalted on her to run for the same position by her supporters and defectors from the current sitting Women Rep for 2022.

   She has been out of the political limelight but she aggressively engages all genders without biasness to create an inspiring vision to establish shared values, and give direction to them.

    ZamZamleads by example, practices what she preaches, setting an example, while sharing risks or hardship and this is what garnered out from those who support her.

   One of her closest ally from Wiper Camp described ZamZam as a Woman who demonstrates confidence, has won respect and trust without courting popularity across the county and Kenya at Large during the campaign era.

  In a whatsapp group named (Mombasa 2022) she was described …. 

Mombasa listening to Zamzam Mohammed
‘’Zamzam is open to ideas, have faith in the creativity of others and that is why 2022 we will make sure she takes the position as she understands best than this others who were given but wait to be bedridden.’’ can some up with, … ZamZam is willing to discuss and solve problems, listen with understanding to support and help to build and lead a team through  team approach,  facilitate cooperation, involve everyone, trusts her  team while rely on their judgment at any given time.

  For 2022 she hopes to bring out the best to the people,  have common touch with them, coach and provide effective feedback in making Mombasa better and conducive to every individual hence justifying that with Mombasa Fahari Yangu

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We wish her all the Best.
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