Radio Journalist, Lulu FM’s radio news anchor Hamso Shupavu alias Bayo in a long speech full of heavy sighs and dark grievances on his social media made clear today that he has chosen war with artists and he cares less whatever the outcome.

Hamso’s argument is SUPPORT is an equivalent retaliation with Radio presenters and Media Houses. Here posted……………………………

”Nimeamua kuchoose vayolense. Nimekuwa nikiskiaskia oooo media ile haisupport wasanii mara sijui haichezi wasanii wa eneo lile zaidi ya hili. Hizi media pia zinahitaji support,utapata yule “msanii” anayelalamika kuwa media haimsupport hajawahi hata kulike wala kucomment kwenye social media handles za hiyo media anataka imsupport. Hajawahi share wala ku comment lakini utamskia “hey guys watch,like,subscribe share.”

 Hamso’s sentiments are barely the definition of // You must not allow people to take you for a ride. // Hence taking a look in a spiritual world, you may follow the policy of ‘love your enemy’ and ‘offer your 2nd cheek, when someone slaps you on one cheek’.

In the real world, such policies usually don’t work as the real world is full of crooks and cheats. It is better to follow the ‘tit for tat’ policy so that people know that you will return the favor, if anyone take chances with you. Offense is often the best form of defense. Hamso didn’t leave it here, he even switched to the Mzungu’s LANGUAGE winding up on his PAGE.

Wacha niingize kizungu sasa, These media houses also have their videos posted do you watch, like, subscribe and share too? These media houses also have the presenters whom you expect to push your products, Do you push theirs? These media houses also have events, do you attend when the need arises? Do you even follow the presenters social media handles and actively interact with them? Mostly ,The last time you shared might be the day you were invited for an interview then it ceased there and then.”

The post has since attracted mixed reactions from fans, artists, presenters each sharing his opinions in the comment box.

Here are some of the comments……………..

Nyaribari Isaac Kama mbaya mbaya. You have nailed it✔️

Patrick Ngale Umeamua kutupasha sio.

Celestar Rakams man eat man society.

Mzee Mzima Roger Milla Ukweli kabisa una posti nakomenti nami niki posti unakua bubu shenzi sana.

Cynthia Achieng Nailed it vidonge hivyo wakumeza ameze wakuchokiwa naye nijuu yake nikweli kabisa hamiiiiisi kombe hutalike za wengine but unaexpect wakulikie who are you.  AND it got shared by      Emmanuel Mwangala Dingly· ” To all local talents hii 2022 try working on lessons derived from this post ? Unity, Participation, Engagement. Support ought to be a two way traffic kwa talents and promoters mambo ya kulia mzee baba ilhali kufollow page ya personality ama media house kwako kazi basi utatoa machozi sana.” Shukran Hamso Shupavu Shupavu

What’s your take on this, feel free to share comment.

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