For a long time, this online Mombasa local music support rivalry thing has gone unmentioned and most artists have kept it quite low profile without sharing their ”PLAY OUR LOCAL MUSIC” grievances publicly in fear of intimidation.

Gates Mgenge..

  According to some of the artists they argue that it started well enough for Gates Mgenge while at Pwani Fm before he landed at Pilipili Fm when he used to support 100% local music but along the way he has lost it.

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  Vincent Kras as famously known in the coastal entertainment scene as a music director, songwriter, promo person who currently has been fighting for 100% local music support responsibly for popularizing the locally produced music from local artists has caused stir on social media after he posted mentioning radio presenter GATES MGENGE.

  ”GATES Eric Mgenge welcome back from Bongo hope ulijionea vile Kenyan Music imepewa BlackOut huko so kindly update your DATABASE”

 Gates Mgenge who was online at the time furiously responded untimely as he dragged in Frankie Dee (Mombasa finest Dancehall artist) name instead of handling the question araised. Here is Gates comment……..

Je! Frank dee ana make money…..if yes then shut n focus on his Brand n make moree”

 So far on the post fans and some entertainment stakeholders have taken sides, but Produza Khalid, who is the CEO of A Million Records could not hold longer his comment and appears to have joined to defend Vincent Kras warned Gates if he shuts Kras he………

Gates Mgenge

    ‘My good friend and brother Eric Mgenge, Vincent Kras shutting up will not solve anything. This is like preaching peace but there is no justice. I said it yesterday let’s all learn to work together and solve this petty issues which can be solved just in a minute without the ego we all have.  Kras will shut up today, tomorrow another one will update. One day you will wake up and find every one updating the same.  Lets not ruin our carriers, we need each other to grow. I support 100% local and I will support any initiative to make sure the same is realized. As I do so, I do it in deep pain because you are my dear friend and a brother…. But things need to change… Kindly update your DATABASE for now 80% kenyan will do. Thanks in advance. Just to remind you, ulipokuwa pwani fm, ulikuwa ukicheza 90% kenyan. And your program was rated the best 3 yrs in a row. So what has changed now…? Watu wanakujua wewe, so ni wewe uongee na muhusika mkuu abadilishe hata kama ni kwa kipindi chako… Thanks in advance” Commented Produza Khalid

 Gerald Geeps Jakablack But Vincent Kras I give up on u.
DjBunduki Champion Owino ha ha ha ha….AKI WEWE @Vincent Kras….

Archy Kawere ? ? ? ? ? ? uwiiii Eric Mgenge amejam

Hustlajay Maumau Vin hahaha wewe

 Photie De Souza OG Halafu utakuja Ku complain usipochezwa lol karma
Kibibi Kinjia The reason I switch off my radio whenever Gates is on RADIO. This guy has an Ego. Umbali ameenda ni bongo tu anaona amefika Canaan.???
 Awilii Luka hahahahahahahahaha ukweli unauma ndo maana ameona adrag Frankie Dee Kenya kwa hii conversation…

Vincent Kras, promo Lord.

  As #254Mombasani i would say publicity is bad publicity. Some artists like Frankie Dee might not suffer from insufficient publicity but a high profile beef with Gates might harm hurt him being played at the station.

 The attack from Kras to Gates, confirmed he doesn’t have an issue with him, but to raise the question as to why he has chosen now to post again to taunts not directly mentioning his targeted person in his next post we leave it to you to judge.

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive!!! Hii Noma…..Radio presenter ”Gates Mgenge” Atajuwa Hajui as ”Vincent Kras” posts, Fans,Djs,Artists and Produza react blaming Gates on supporting Local Content.”
  1. That's a bitter truth Eric Mgenge Grandson has to change. When he was at @pwanifm I was a number one fan listening online but @pilipilifm #evindu_vichenchanga. I advise all Radio presenters to take on Vincent Kras issues and work harder to make our coast and 254 music thrive. To Gates Mgenge pliz usishike feelings coz lisemwalo lipo.

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