Fans refer them as 2017 unbwogable HipHop HEADS.
   Ohms Law is the current HipHop guru, Jahcob new HipHop fast rising rapstar , Bingwa as his name means Big or massive then you can’t exempt their name from any HipHop events, arena’s coast-wide.
 This  three names comes with a whole bunch of  endorsements from their fans.
   They say nice goods market themselves then it sounds clear their new HipHop video ”PARTY MODE DAY” audio produced and directed by one of the leading producers TEKNIXX is set to be released anytime sooner and indeed its a club bunger.
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  Jahcob spoke to our news desk through reporter Hon King’ori and things seems to be in his favor.
 Jahcob who has featured Ohms and Bingwa in his new project confirmed to us,

”True my video is almost out, Yes Ohms and Bingwa are hot cakes for the current market  where promoters are honeying after them for their shows, they were pretty overwhelmed when i actually i called in for a collabo, humbled guys they accepted after listening to my tracks.’‘  

  Jahcob was raised in Kibera and in coast none can rap per his level, huyu ni yule msee mwingine mndialala, kimoda, ukimgei beat anachoramistari inakupeleka haugue direct bila petition.
   His new video will be dropping and we believe of staging it first here.
Indeed Jahcob has come along way battling out with the likes of Octopizzo before they got their household tittles.

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