Celebrating five years in the entertainment industry, having been brought up in a musical family, commonly known by his stage name Msaani Jrg, recently changed it to SHESHEE MAN a name he terms more prone used by his Fans and friends following hit song #Sheshee he featured Eskoba.
    It will be the best of him along other coastal artists on one stage at the upcoming ‘Celebrity Thursday’ musical event hosted by Dj Lenium at Club Valencia located in Mombasa as SHESHEE MAN will be Launching his new VIDEO.
   Sheshee Man is currently one of the most consistent rappers in Mombasa. He has been able to stick only to rap and   rapidly grown his fan-base. At this rate, he will definitely be a huge rap asset to the coastal music industry in a few years to come.
   He has recorded hit songs alongside legendary artists like Eskoba Babake that experienced massive airplay that saw him come to the limelight. Other songs include #RAFIKI By J.R.G ft WAZO and JAUNTY, #Make it –  J.R.GTeddy ft Bank, #Nabii, #Temptations among others.
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    The event will be held on Thursday September 2017 and the start time will be 8pm.
 Upon our reporter King’ori contacting Sheshee Man via phone call on the Launch issue, he promised this to his fans,

 ”Attendees to my Video launch will each receive a limited edition branded copy upon entry. Once inside the celebrity Thursday fair, fans will be encouraged to experience each offering by taking selfies, taking part in my performances for the upcoming projects and appreciations as Dan’s Lounge offers a comfortable and friendly environment in which you can sit back and relax with light entertainment throughout the night and that is why i chose to launch it there.”

   He steamed up the radio, clubs atmosphere after the release of his single with Eskoba, the reviews got him top play on most radio stations around and this has maintained his rap stand for more efforts to satisfy his fans desires.

Click this link to watch his #Rafiki video…… RAFIKI song by J.R.G aka SHESHEE MAN ft WAZO and JAUNTY.

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