Ohms Law and her.

   Ohms Law Montana is having everyone (Fans) talking about a photo doing rounds on all social media pages getting cozy with a Mzungu at the Watamu Beach, behind his back is not yet confirmed the photo spreading on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a real picture or Photoshop as they’re avenues for gossip to spread.
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  Instead of focusing on how to make the rumor stop, Ohms Law too posted the photo captioning

  “Mtoto mchele mchele mtoto chipsy chipsy/Mtoto thele thele mtoto cripsy cripsy/Hana kimbele mbele mtoto tipsy tipsy/Naaaam nyuma na mbele mtoto German juicy…”~O.L.M  lyrics from his latest jam #MadaTonje 

  Efforts of  our reporter King’ori to reach him were unfruitful as Ohms’s friend who answered the call hinted they were at a Boardroom Meeting with fellow HipHop Heads JahCob and Odinare Bingwa following few days old #PartyModeVideo VIDEO release that will be launched this coming week at a leading Entertainment Joint in Mombasa where the MZUNGU is believed to have been featured by Ohms and JahCob
 Here is the #PartyModeVideo shared by almost every stakeholders in the entertainment industry i.e Dj’s, Artists, Presenters, mCEES ETC.  Watch Like and Comment and Share.

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