Coast Hip Hop Arena is back and will be taking place this Friday at the famous talent hub, SwahiliPot from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.
  The event is dubbed as #AchaGunShikaMic and will be featuring Coastal HipHop bigwigs who will perform at the event celebrating 1 Year Anniversary.
  The event is spearheaded by numerous Hip Hop award winner Ohms Law Montana.

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 He is one of the coastal skilled artists, who have mastered the art of entertaining, informing and educating the public and for #AchaGunShikaMic is his initiative that is HipHop against Radicalization,Crime and Drug Abuse whereas he gets to the grass-root hoods pleading with Youths to leave crime activities and focus on their life and make use of their talents.
 This weeks edition on Friday will feature those he had mentored and left crime to look for other means of Survival.
    Krispy one of the best female Spoken Word artist we have in Mombasa having recently been to international countries with her pieces speaking out against physical and psychological abuse of Women, gender based violence will also be performing at SwahiliPot Coast Hip Hop Arena theme  #AchaGunShikaMic.
 Among known dignitaries who have confirmed attendance is Nominated Youth Rep Hon Aran Moses, Ernest Arigi, Mr Mahmoud Noor. Dancehall Mombasa etc.
For bookings contact 0729574819, Tickets goes at 300/= at the gate.
You can’t afford to miss this. #254Jesbcrazy we will be there.

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