Art struggle is never that easy for a starter artist who got the zeal, passion and is aggressive making it through this coastal entertainment scene full of heavy weights, art cartels to name a few as the struggle gets tighter, the artist can dare anything for his success, it’s not new.

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  For instance some female ladies have been accused of hawking their *Kapedo* with Producers, Radio/Tv  Presenters, Dj’s, Station managers or looking for ‘mzungu’ etc and for the male its a different story, -Money mostly-talent-hard work-fame-  Speaks loudly for them to get the favors as the atheists go for witchcraft powers.
  Ohms Law Montana a Hip Hop artist from Mombasa who has risen over the days with hit singles and videos and currently trending with new Video #MadaTonje topping chats that have received great airplay requests across all radio stations from fans and making several physical appearance at Radio Citizen on #MsetoEastAfrica and #HitsNotHomework on Capital Fm, has frankly said….. Kuna time nilitamani kuuza kidney ndo nipate doh ya kurecord na kushoot my videos.”    –translation– ”There is a time i wanted to sell my kidney for me to use the cash for recording and shoot videos” 
  Ohms Law Montana speaking to our chief editor King’ori, he thanks his almighty Allah for the sufficient grace he has provided to him as he now owns a cloth-line with several initiative campaigns he had started i.e #AchaGunShikaMic basically to woe youths to stay away from crime and use their talents to generate income and you can purchase his merchandise online by clicking on .
  Ohms say his interest in art for Mombasa has never been stronger as it is now with the great support from Fans, Family, Friends, sponsors and entertainment stakeholders.
  Click on this link to watch his Video #MadaTonje

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