Jomvu Million plus Bridge buried 5 feet underground attracts Senator FAKI for its RESCUE following public out-cry.  

    Mombasa county senator Mohammed Faki earlier today paid a courtesy visit to the Mkupe footbridge constructed a year back by NG-CDF JOMVU joining Mikindani Ward and Bangladesh areas in Jomvu following public outcry and a video doing rounds on social media over its pathetic condition that has lacked maintenance or was constructed using gushy materials

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    He made an impromptu visit accompanied by County Government Engineer SALIM and Engineer  KETO from the county and resident King’ori, whereby they had a walk and did an inspection of  the Mkupe bridge confirming the dangers it poses to the residents.
  The bridge after its construction by CDF was considered to be the best Bridge constructed ever in Jomvu constituency but it has since become as one of the old projects during stone age as per its current condition.
  The footbridge that is mostly used by school going children, job seekers, employed, pregnant and sick residents from Bangladesh is now m

oving towarsds the end of incognito.
    The bridge collapse caused by soil erosion have made the road accidental prone and in case of any medical emergency, particularly in delivery case, it becomes difficult to shift the expecting mothers to hospitals around Mikindani.

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   Hon Faki promised that the state of the bridge needs immediate attention and promised that repair and maintenance would commence start January.
 Faki was really touched and did pity about the condition since no street lights are set by sides at the footbridge and more risky at night to residents and times of emergency.
   A resident who never wanted to be named said that during rainy season, the road becomes slippery that even one cannot walk on it and to risky for their children.

     Responding to a question posed by Jesbcrazy senator Faki had this to respond, ”For Jomvu’s constituency economy to be propelled at the desired speed, there is the need to establish or delineate a body, to regulate the sector and provide technical oversight for the provision of tendered project services, monitor compliance of tendered CDF agencies and service providers, with relevant legislation for efficient operations through consolidation, removal of duplicity and regulatory functions of public agencies.”

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