It’s a New year 2018 with same artistical complaints from previous years in which coastal artists complain from different platforms, corners and blame about everything be it Fans, DJ’s, Radio, TV stations even themselves over failure to make in in the music industry without landing to a warm solution.
  Team morale to suffer, as an “Artists” versus “them cartels” mentality developing within  our Coastal entertainment scene, in previous day’s we have had where DJs verbally attack fellow DJ’s, Artists vs Artists/Presenters,Promoters and vice vaca e.t.c
  In a very real way, because of these differences, recording artists make no sense when they complain, justly or unjustly, this is according to a top Mombasa County official in a youthful docket who could not  want to be named citing fear of publicity but she fired shots and food for thought to all artists in all artistic fields in Mombasa.
Here her morning dose read…….
   “This debate has and will never end. But I want us to think deeply about this.
Do presenters complain that artistes are not listening to them?
Do DJS complain that artistes are not going to the clubs where they play?
Are corporates complaining that artistes are not releasing good songs?
What’s with us feeling entitled all the time?
Have we for a moment thought about the Internet and it’s wide reach and ernomous influence it has now?
Instead of complaining, what are we doing about that space that is there for us to take over?
Internet is now competing with Radio, TV and newspapers. What’s the obsession with pointing out people?
Are we producing music for the masses or for the DJS and presenters?
To be honest let’s RE think our strategy.And direct all this energy towards making good music and networking.
You will call it kujuana but an average human being will always go to where they are known and recognized.
Jamani sote twatafta rizki, hakuna anayetaftia mwengine.
The onus is on you as an individual.
Better your grind. Please!” She wrote.

#DjJeeps  *You have wrapped it mummy. Have yourself a fruitful great day*
#DjElon *Summed up. Was just thinking of the same..*
#Mucege *We’re still complaining about radio & TV space in 2018 fam? 2018?😳😳 When everyone of us has a smartphone & internet? When data has become cheaper than miraa & paraffin?
(Name WithHeld)⁩ Barikiwa sana*
#Celebvibestar *If you want music to pay you,  do it as a business,  invest in it,  do not expect mere support.  They say use money to get money,  I don’t say you need to pay presenters for interviews bt if need be,  do it.  A successful person will do anything to get to the top.
Bt what I mean by using money  is branding and imaging,
How do you expect a TV presenter to get you on a show,  just like that way.  He is also on business,  what he brings on the show is an investment he will invest on something that has value an return,  he is not running a United Nations campaign of just supporting everyone.
Work hard gain that following and your fans will do magic for you.*
#254Mombasani agreeing with the above post considering any situation artists aren’t providing enough for themselves. They just need to take accountability for their situation and work hard to get where they want. Complaining serves no purpose.
Kila MTU apambane Na Hali Yake.

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