Manu Art: A Talented Malindi Creative Seeking Support for College Ambitions from his drawings.

In the vibrant coastal town of Malindi, Kilifi County, a gifted and passionate artist named Manu Art has been making waves with his exceptional talent in pen and pencil drawings. Despite showcasing his skills by capturing both known and unknown figures in the local society and across Kenya none has shown interest to support him even by buying the potrait he draws out of passion to raise college fees, Manu Art faces a heartbreaking challenge in achieving his college dreams due to a lack of public support. He has drwan, H.E William Ruto, Raila Odinga, Willy M. Tuva, Sarah Hassan, Speaker Kingi among others.

Manu Art’s journey took a painful turn during a past event held at Alaskan grounds in Malindi, where he had high hopes of turning his artistic passion into a promising future. On this fateful day, a beautifully crafted portrait of Raila, meticulously drawn and framed by Manu Art, was tragically shattered into pieces amidst the bustling crowd. This setback left his dreams in tatters, but the resilient artist clung to hope, trusting that one day his aspirations would come to fruition.

Undeterred by the setback, Manu Art continues to pour his heart and soul into his craft, creating breathtaking works of art that capture the essence of his subjects. His recent masterpiece featuring the esteemed Malindi Member of Parliament, Amina Mnyazi, has garnered widespread attention, particularly on social media platforms.

Social media users, captivated by Manu Art’s talent and inspired by his perseverance, have rallied behin

d the cause. Many have taken to various online platforms, urging MP Amina Mnyazi to step in and support the young artist by purchasing his portrait. Despite multiple attempts to reach out to the MP through social media handles with even the public tagging the Mp, Manu Art has yet to receive a response even in the comment section.

Manu Art’s story is not just about talent, it’s about determination, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams against all odds. The artist’s plea for support echoes through the hearts of those who have witnessed his struggle. The purchase of his artwork by MP Amina Mnyazi could be the catalyst needed to propel Manu Art towards his college ambitions, opening doors to a future in art that once seemed elusive.

Manu Art’s journey reflects the challenges faced by many talented individuals seeking to pursue their passions against the backdrop of limited resources and opportunities. As the public continues to rally behind him, the hope is that MP Amina Mnyazi will heed the call, not just for one artist but for the countless dreams that hang in the balance. The power to transform lives through art lies in the hands of those who can make a difference, and it is our collective responsibility to uplift and support the Manu Arts of our communities.

Here are some of his works………………..


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