Amz Tempoz.

   Its said that two heads are better than one and you can’t exempt this from coastal East African big musical heads producers who takes and drives up people’s emotions, Moods at home, at work or event when what they have produced plays around and it’s non other than Producer Amz Tempoz  and Producer Totti le Internationale.
 Higher percentage of coastal big tunes and artists pass through their production, we can name them, Ally B, Susumila, Chikuzee, Bawazir, Sudi Boy, Amoury Beybe, DAZLAH  to name a few. 
   In life generally there is always that special person who shapes who you are, who helps to determine the person you become and this two producers have proved this working  hand in hand to give what the targeted audience deserves, and this explains they’re not selfish unlike others who will catch petty musical beefing to an extent of warning their artists to visit and dine with other producers but for that let it be a discussion for another day.
  They’re are rivals yes, compete but they work together and this is what our leaders President Uhuru and Raila should embrace and learn from, a healthy competition.

Totti and Amz workin on a project.

 Totti took to his Facebook account and posted……..  Cooking something with Amz Tempoz
 Contacting Amz of Tempoz records he had this to say ………………….

Amz Tempoz

Okay. Sisi hukutana mara kwa mara na kubadilishana mawazo. Hua tunatembeleana either yeye huja kwangu ama mimi niende kwake. And in case kuna kazi yeyote ambayo inafaa tunaweza kuchangia pamoja basi tunaifanya. Mostly mimi humtembelea yeye kwa sababu studio yake iko karibu na ninapoishi mimi.” Said  Amz.

Amz has heavily invested and soon he might be taking over the coastal entertainment waves for what he has planned. Call him Baba Yao the

Upcoming Event on 10th Dec in Changamwe.


Full of anointing Gospel Family Day Fun set on 10th December 2017 at Faith Victory Church.    

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