Image may contain: 1 person Barely after nudes of a mombasa video vixen Nelly Nancy the Socialite…. went viral on social media following a brand new video to to be released here goes one among the dopest video vixens RAHIMA FAISAL aka (Ree The Bosset) who by her sentiments talks of her unborn child whom she thinks she would be taking care of now. Comments got pricky scared and funny like i got them typed below…..
 Mariah Jamal Mkash hahaha uuuwi Rip….hii imenimaliza

Rahima Faisal ???
Mercy Ramogi  Hehehe!! Sorry dear,I love your confidence!
She took this online e exposing and revealing the identity of the father o f the unborn child whom she isn’t even sure of soon as the father is the mystery of all this. Here is what she took on social media……….

“it’s 9months and plus now
I would be holding my child in my hands right now ???
sired by ratchet parents ???? I don’t know how he/she would have been… mama tabu
baba Malaya ???

God knew… I appreciate everything that happened

RIP my unborn child|”

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