Kwamboka the Socialite.

   Mombasa fans confirmed that they hate delusional people after one of their own, first rising Hip Hop Star guru Ohms Law Montana was attacked by leading Nairobi socialite/Vixen Corazone Kwamboka over a photo he posted on instagram captioning ”Me and Corazon tumetoka mbali,The future is bright, Maisha ni marefu, Mungu akuzidishie maisha marefu,” only to get tantalizing reply from her that is ”Tumetoka far wapi? It was only an event we hosted together.”
 Ohms confirmed that he had no other hidden agenda for her but only celebrated her but with her attitude she took it negative. Ohms Law Montana ”imenishangaza sana ata kumwombea mtu dua nzuri inaleta ishu…duh!”
    Delusion is the reason that such people people can’t progress in life and that’s why our local content is hanging because of such individuals.
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  Ohms a talented and hardworking artist took a screenshot of the post posted it online and his fans couldn’t be left out. Here is how the comments went down…


          Motif Kobeer Hajafanya poa hakuna reason ya kuongea mbaya hapo????
       Hamyc Fredour mwache uyo dem yuandhani yeye akiumbwa na nan kama si ule ule Mungu tunamuomba…Decrease as He increases in you, but usipokua humble the Lord will humble you down to square one with no return. Big up Ohms Law Montana God will surely uplift you even bila her(their) consent to the highest tables of kings. Stay cool as always. You don’t need her to verify your success we can as well give a testimony as to that. #Peace
      VeeDeejay Kritik Mombasa Hehe
Isiwe Issue Brother, Huyo Dem “HajaJiDefine Kimaisha”…Socialite ????

Balaa Tupu Izoo
      Hon King’ori Let’s be clear, nobody is perfect but the truth to the matter is that there are people on this planet who are doing better than CORAZON,! I don’t care who she is as there is always someone more experienced, more powerful, more spiritual, more intelligent, wealthier, stronger and faster in opening their legs and if she is really trying to do better for herself by criticizing a compliment by one of our own, lets ever boycott her events in Mombasa Kwani what does she have that special? If she is a Virgin SPARE ME HER DRAMA….. i stand to be corrected.

    Dan G Pichaz Roho mbaya ya binadamu tu…
    Pinkelle Valentine Corizon what?who is tht now?tryna make her famous or what?
 Laurent Nyange OLM mbna umpatie kiki uyo mrembo na bado ako down… Sad

Coastal leadinhg Hip Hop Guru.

 Jay Jizzle Most people look down on others when they think theyve made it, forgetting life is a journey. Today you are up tomorrow you are down. Keep repin bro success is an arm stretch away. #Ronyside
     Stephen Dopes W Bitches yoh
……wakipata wanaona wamefika….. wakifika wanaona hawaezishuka…….wakishuka wanaona wameonewa…… wakionewa inakuwa tena beef…..beef ina murder industry….. kuwa humble haicost anything.

 Vokere Khalifa Aishie uko c apana tambua yy.. Huddah na Ohms Law Montana wametoka far

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