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    Kenya’s top renown Benga music artist Mak Admem, has since taken his congratulatory message online thanking Nomad Beach Bar & Restaurant from Diani Beach in Ukunda for giving an opportunity to the locally artists JUUKUA THE BAND who are talented from coastal region over Nairobi ones to entertain revelers in ushering the new year in style.

Some one congratulate this Beach for choosing a local act on such a big day. Most beaches in Mombasa ,Diani,Watamu Malindi all the way to lamu think nairobi or Dar have better artists than their local artistes. what a shame. Give local artistes the chance, pay them equally well and see Compe roho safi! Bless you the management of Nomad!’‘ wrote Makadem. 

READ MORE…. Hello good Governor JOHO, Senator Faki and Mvita MP and to all involved within Mombasa town this a polite message to YOU 2018.

Mak Adem

   Just like most coastal entertainment artists are mad at event organizers, entertainment stakeholders of arguing that they don’t have the ability to fill event venues to capacity whenever there is a local event, in the same spirit, they shouldn’t act like they don’t give a damn about them, but who should we blame? 
  This is a question that has lacked answers for a couple of days as Mombasa and coast in general we experiencing 90% Nairobi talent taking over with few concern from our own talent to entertain in Ushering the new year, Nairobi acts, being paid for to and fro air tickets, big hotels etc and handsomely cash after performance and this is what Makadem is against. 
  From the post has since attracted some bigwigs and down here are sampled comments…..

Event poster with details
  • Fundi Frank Most artists from Msa have gigs,some of them plus top DJs and MCs will be at Wild Waters.

         Mak Adem May be those recognized by Nairobi bt those not dnt get to be main acts in a big event    like this. CONGRATULLATIONS the beach
          Fundi Frank Supply and demand. This gig by Normad doesn’t look like a bigger event than others by similar hotels along the coast. Most beach hotels normally have NY Parties and many coast artistes are paid to perform ,nothing new.
           Mak Adem Fundi Frank any stake holder or a Nairobian sees it your way but thats not how we see it down there!

#JesbcrazyBlog  JUUKUA are the current hot Band talented with melodic chaps with a lined up of events this festive season. Plan to attend one of their gigs and you wont regret or feel wasted.


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