A furious fan ”Ciara Queen” has today morning took to her social media criticizing coastal artists on their appearance on dressing before they get to shows or events.
  Ciara is a boutilicious babe full of life, fun, energy and creativity. Dynamic, intuitive and innovative on her  posts. An innovative power who knows how to meet the needs of her time, allowing her to capture the collective unconsciousness in our coastal entertainment scene.
  Though coast artists have often been accused of playing it a little too safe with their fashion choices but most of them ain’t meeting their target according to the fan who even dares to boycott their shows.

Cute Ciara Queen.

  Our chief editor King’ori called a Hip Hop Star JAHCOB  and this was his comment on dressing …… ”Literal dressing involves turning up at an event and taking the theme of the occasion very literally for me as brand, i dress to impress the fan and win the hearts of cooperates,event organizers, being trendy,  photo’s too and how you maintain your social media portfolio matters a lot. that’s all i can say.” Said JAHCOB.

   Following a hot debate between upcoming artists and well established artists in a coastal artists whatsapp group, our news desk found out that everyone is right when defending himself,no one wants to be criticized and corrected publicly of how they argued out. 
  Here is what CIARA QUEEN had posted….
”Ushauri tu kwa wasanii wetu wa pwani……hebu tujitahidi kupiga pamba kali wakati mwaenda kuperform …baadhi yenu mnaudhi saana mtu unakuja show na shati zimeparara…mmeachilia midevu utadhani osama…….wengine wanapiga vibukta ….mm nasema bora ukope ununue mavazi..kuliko unasema a niende hivi simple simple……..aliekwambia kuwa simple ni kuvaa mpararo ni nani?…….#onmysickbed #ushauritu”
Drop your comment down here if you agree or dissagree with her.

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