Angel Mumbi. Photo/BianGathu

 It is rainy, revolting season in Mombasa, when our reporter King’ori met her, the coolest girl in #254Mombasani, the rumored coastal golden heart queen, ”Mtoto sura tamtam” yaani forget about American Beyonce and think of the possible next mombasani High Fashionista Angel Mumbi to be compared to Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks here in Kenya.
    Call her Angela Mumbi, a Fashion Model and a Geographer by profession based in Mombasa county 001 who has a deep passion for High Fashion to raise coast to international standards. 
 Quite years Old in the fashion scene, experienced, her heart, mind and creativity runway gives her indescribable satisfaction.
 She has used her skills to train models both Young adults and Kids, spearheading Fashion events across the country i.e Swahili Fashion Extravaganza and Kids Fashion Show through Swahili-pot Hub that is set to happen this coming friday. 

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    ”I have participated in several Fashion Events, beauty pageants and Commercial ads in Mombasa and Nairobi. I’m planning to expand territory soon especially in High Fashion. Recently,I was nominated as the Model of the Year Mombasa at Pwani International Fashion Week and Awards 2017. I am glad that someone somewhere appreciates my presence in this industry.Angel Mumbi  said.

Angel Mumbi. Photo/BianGathu

Angel Mumbi. Photo/BianGathu

 She has the most remarkable and generous spirit that team Mafisi aspire to be as philanthropic as she is, and to have as much of an impact to the community as she has.

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#254Mombasani:  Who is that DESIGNER you envision for the whole world?
Angela Mumbi: Ijakaa Designs, my Designer is the Best of the Best and i appreciate the creativity and efforts am offered.

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