Gospel Artist Vikta Wise.
Gospel Artist Vikta Wise.

Mombasa based gospel artist VIKTA WISE just as his second name suggests how prudent he is turns out to be the opposite for he has been conned while in NAIROBI. In Swahili we would barely say ‘Amefunzwa Kuishi Mjini.’

Vikta Wise took to his Facebook account to share how embarrassed and disappointed he felt after the encounter.

And his online confession has prompted a flood of responses from online users all of them expressing sympathy and some praising his courage as some would have been dumb talking about it.

”This is how I have been conned in Nairobi ; an old man approached with Nivea deodorant ,he persuaded me with a cheap offer and I gave in, I bought the product little did I know that I paid for water sealed with super glue , covered with a sweet smell polythene paper, I wish ningepata huyo mzee ,??” Posted Vikta Wise

Click on the link below to watch some of his music.


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