DISK JOCKEYING in coastal region is evolving by the day, and is playing a huge role in the ecosystem of the Kenyan gospel music scene. However, a section of gospel music and party lovers in Christ within the coast are convinced that female DJs are not fairly represented in this industry due to their low participation.

It is rare to find a gospel female DJ in most of the wedding, political rallies, baby showers, church events, co-operate hosted around, something a music lover based in Malindi thinks that should change.

For Dj Rakams, females are currently adopting many jobs that were initially known to be only for men. She believes that if more females join this sector, they will benefit from it and also attract more followers.

“From what I can see, we bring a lot more soul and we know what our brethren like,” said Dj Rakamz to omtiti.co.ke

“This is a career that pays like others,” she added.

In addition, Dj Rakams advised fellow females to be open and start a DJ career, her intentions is not to gain followers rather to represent Christ and bring more souls to Christ because it has changed her life. ”Deejaying is not a job to me, it’s a DIVINE GIFT that i’m meant to do it for God” says Rakams.

DJ Rakams, one of a few only coast female  DJs in town residing in Malindi – Watamu also wishes to see the other gender involved Parents should also let kids explore talents without limiting them.

Alfred Kilonzo a content creator based in Mombasa, disclosed that there are many talents in Coast, especially in females, that are not actively showcased. ”There is still a gap in this sector. Events are happening almost every weekend. It is the right time for females to come in and take over,” Kilonzo told omtiti.co.ke

Currently, coast region has only one established  FEMALE DJ and it’s DJ RAKAMS.

Every Saturday catch up with Dj Rakams on the decks on Kama Vipi show, at Lulu Fm Radio

from 6pm to 10pm. Support her, share her work and let the champion WIN.

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