In the serene coastal town of Malindi, Kilifi Kenya, emerges Jardin Mkoka, a remarkable Gospel singer with a voice that echoes hope and faith.

In a recent interview with, Jardin shared profound insights into her unwavering faith and the essence of her music.

“Wimbo huu ni wakututia moyo kuwa ata ujapo pitia kwenye Hali yoyote ngumu ama kipindi kigumu saana namna gani, wewe Bado unapaswa kumtegemea Mungu Kwa Kila Jambo,” she expressed, emphasizing the importance of relying on God through life’s trials.

Ambitious and passionate, Jardin is poised to make her mark on the international music scene. Her goal? To spread the gospel through her captivating melodies and poignant lyrics, touching hearts and souls across the globe.


For a glimpse into her musical prowess and unwavering faith, look no further than her latest music video, now available on YouTube. Join Jardin Mkoka on her transcendent journey as she continues to inspire and uplift through the timeless power of music. In her world, God remains the cornerstone of her existence, as she fervently declares, “UTABAKI KUWA MUNGU.”

Watch her latest music video on YouTube and join her journey of faith and inspiration.

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