Hustla n Hon Cvilizer

  Ain’t no doubt about Mombasa nominated youth representative Moses Aran famously Cvilizer  the best youth leader who is really good at relationships with the youths, basically a force to recon and devoted to deliver for the youth.

Hiphop movement with Cvilizer.

 At the core of it, Cvilizer with days in office has wide opened doors of his county office to receive all youthful ideas and yesterday he met with a team of Hiphop stars led by former MauMau hiphop crew member HUSTLAJAY MAUMAU who is the founder of this Hip-hop Movement Foundation.

Hon Cv n Elisha
JCB n Cv

  With a record of hip-hop’s massive following here at the coast, the team uses hip-hop for unifying the community, educating, restoring hope, and social awareness. Upon contacting HustlaJay he had this to say…. ”There is some rap music that we create with the intention of sending a positive message to our audience” Said HustlaJay.

Hon Cv n Rotka

  HustlaJay was accompanied by Mc Rotka Alex from France, Jcb Wategwa, Jacob Makalla, Italy represented by Maulid Mshahame of Kishoka Youth, Mc Elisha Jam
es aka Pacha the Great from Arusha, a team that is for the youth.

Hustla, CV, Maulid

 Cvilizer when contacted had this to say….

When a rapper raps about his challenged childhood or about succeeding despite living with a drug-addicted parent, a teenager in a similar situation may believe that he, too, can get through his struggles. I believe HustlaJay and the team is on the right track and i’m ready to support this, i’m pursuing heaven on a messy little journey that this team is making beautiful, with new mercies during my tenure” Said Cvilizer.

Hustlajay since took to his online page to congratulate the youth rep…

   ”Today We Took Hiphop To Mombasa County Assembly Office Of
Moses Aran Aka Cvilizer Aran Moses Nominated youth representative.
……..As youths we are the leaders of today, not tomorrow, its our time to seize our destiny and better the chances for a promising future…………..
Talked on How we can Better the Hiphop Movements and make Hiphop Speak For Our Communities .
Cvilizer Aran Moses was Once a conscious Hiphop M.c.

With @Mathieu Bruno of East Africa Rise Up and Alex Rotka From France & Jcb Makalla of watengwa recs & Elisha James {Pacha De Great} From Tanzania.& Maulid Hamis Mshahame of Kishoka Youth.
#kishokayouthorg” posted Hustlajay Maumau.

  Hustlarjay in collaboration with Mathew Bruno of East Africa rise up from France are working on a HIP HOP DOCUMENTARY RECORDING.

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