Angela Mumbi an award winning  fashion model and a geographer by profession in Mombasa has opened her heart to hate people who have politically and negatively branded the Kenyatta National Hospital incident TRIBAL whereas an elderly woman was arrested for stealing a baby from the hospital and before that tribalic people took it online claiming it must be a ”Kikuyu”
  She hates them for a reason or lots of reasons, actually as its believed of a certain group are known for the stealing habit. 
So be warned she might just be warming her devil.


  Hating them because they hate people she cares about seems to bother her as she is fade up with tribal Jokes.
  Here is her her message to those tribalic chaps and cronies.

”Lol…. A woman stole a child at KNH. It was shocking. The police were looking for the thief. We hoped for the best. We couldn’t imagine the mother’s pain. But You,yes You… Decided… Uuhm… Huyo mwizi must be called Njeri. Only people from that tribe steal. The rest of us are holy.
Then after all the bad jokes , insults and massaging your tribal mind… You realize duuh… That’s not her name. She is not from that Tribe.
So what do you do next?”

Her friends too condemned the tribali thing issue.;……. 
 Dominic Constantine Let’s curse these idiots . May they be hated by the Earth and it’s soil.
 Alex Bwana Machoka Tribalism at it peak.. okey dia feel good now that the thief’s name isn’t Njeri, Mumbi, Wangari or whatever.. but surely its time we individualize issue otherwise we will have argument like Kikuyus men rape donkeys an act done by one of then.

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