Coastal vibrant Hip-hop lyrical guru Ohms Law Montana whose real name is Kelvin Omondi posted a photo of himself when he was a toddler and this could really make you believe that indeed “CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME” whereas there is always that moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the adulthood success future get in.

OHMS LAW MONTANA during his childhood era.

   Given how most artists often like to write off their childhood to adulthood about their success without considering how they looked decades ago in childish and immature shagla bagla clothes, filthy slams and ghettos , Ohms  a leading Hip Hop artist from mombasa couldn’t hide it but took it online posting without fear of contradiction, it can sometimes be surprising to see how negative upbringing of negative minds take it on such past  photos, but Ohms invited  beautiful comments while others were entertaining as well as heroic.
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Ohms perfoming #MadaTonje

  Days do come and go as we get aged and adapted to our current looks. Every successful individual likes sharing their ‘Back In The Day’ photo’s! and most are hilarious you could even commit suicide through being chocked with laughter! “God bless our parents and guardians” is all from my news desk can say as without them we couldn’t be having something to boast about and a memory to relate with current days we living.
 Alex Masha ”Hahaaaa clad nazoo”
 Don Makameleon ”Maga tonjeee”
 Frank Rosso ”Swag za hiphop’
 Sajan Shrestha ‘So cute.Hiphop since childhood
 King’ori Brian ”#Zilipendwa”
 Maureen Mukudi Hehehehe yaaani hip-hop ilianxa tu kitambo cheki cladi

OHMS branded Shirts.
Ohms at a past event.

    Kudos Omhs Law Montana to the new HIT JAM #MadaTonje whose video was Launched recently and directed by Jonhson Kyalo. It is currently topping Chats while on #Tribe43 it stands at number 5 country wide. 
   Ohms too has a cloth-line firm and you can order for his BRANDED beautiful clothes. 
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