Mentor 001 Noor.

    His name is Mahmoud Noor commonly nicknamed as #Mentor001. A quote that he lives by is, “Youths don’t always behave the way you want them to, but it doesn’t mean the way they behave is wrong.” that has generally pushed his relationship with coastal youths from aged, people with disabilities,women and youths, and no day passes without him engaging youths in activities that build up their good reputation in the community. From supporting their initiatives, talent and giving them opportunities in different fields they are best suited.

Mentor NOOR during a clean up exercise.
Mentor Noor “Kamatia chini”
Noor during a youth event.

  Noor’s extraversion is demonstrated in both professional and social environments and this has created his name that none of most youths in Mombasa  can exempt it in their biography, as he has given them an opportunity at Swahili Pot Hub through an agreement that was set between SEACOM, Cisco Systems and National Museum of Kenya (NMK).
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Noor supporting sports in Likoni.

  Through the Swahili pot hub under his chairmanship, it has really changed the atmosphere in the coastal art world with lots of activities taking place each and everyday. People/Artists/Youths actually visit there to browse using the free wifi every day, relaxing as the venue gives a clear peaceful Indian ocean scenario, and talented chaps who stage on our local TV soap operas  rehearsing for their best there.
  Mahmoud Noor takes much of his time and commitment willingly to continually share information and his unending support with the youths and community as he retired from active politics to concentrate on giving back to the community that even saw him being exalted by community pressure being called up to vie as an Mp in Likoni, Senator or be Governor Joho’s Deputy but turned low by promising he can do more without the political seat.
   Noor has an ability and willingness to communicate what you might  know, his availability is always open, and the ability to listen to the community cries. Having a honesty with diplomacy heart, compassion and genuineness he is just a loving gentleman.

Unstoppable love extended by Mentor Noor.
Noor at Mkurumutzi exploring opportunities in Kwale County.

   Don Makameleon Swahili pot hub photographer had this to say about him.  ”He is charismatic and passionate about communities and development. He has initiated a couple of community based organizations here in coast and worked with all of them as a patron. Currently he consults at Seacom Cable Station as he pays maximum attention to Swahili pot hub, a center established to nurture youths as they transform communities through creative innovation.”

   Ohms Law Montana who is currently topping Hip Hop chats had this to say about Mahmoud. “Mentor Mahmoud  has a strong sense of self, a good listener, someone who offers much of his time and support to the community.

   Paul Akwabi who heads the techno-kid department had this to say…  “I know from the way things are, if most of youths hadn’t encountered two or three individuals at Swahili Pot that spent extra time with Mahmoud Noor, I’m sure they would have been in jail. He is a Mentor Comrade.”

     King’ori Brian 2015-2016 award winning comedian…. ” Mr Noor is one of the exemplary gentle individuals we have around, soft spoken with no attitude and who respects all cultures and peoples ideologies. Slap him on his left cheek and he will turn the right one you balance and says Thank You.”

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