It’s always wonderful when musicians break through to true popularity and introduce fresh concepts and sounds to the music industry. And watching it unfold live is much more amazing than when their Music lives but they ain’t nowhere to be seen neither performing or having formal appearances during events.

For instance in Kilifi County, Escobar Babake fame did increase year by year them days where he would have concerts, good music, and we would say he was one of the most popular talented and hardworking artists of his time, Escobar had a very successful solo career but WHAT HAPPENED remains the Biggest QUESTION!

Fikirini Jacobs, a vocal aggressive youthful leader with an impact to the Kilifi County community at large we would say he may be the heavenly sent good Samaritan to Escober Babake barely months after Susumila featured Escobar in his jam in efforts to bring him back to the musical game (MAILOVA – ). According to his account on Linked – In, Fikirini Jacobs is ”a humble but advocate of justice, whose greatest delight is in providing hope that the cosmos needs!!”

Fikirini on his Facebook account he posted,

”Huyu jamaa Escobar Babake~ Zee la Kugandamiza ni the only artist nimejua ngoma zake zote. Nasikitika kuwa kwa sasa hasikiki kimziki, mimi nitamuinua upya, karibuni ata hit saaana.” Fikirini Jacobs
The post has since invited mixed reactions with many congratulating Fikirini for taking up the initiative and hoping that all will be well for Escober Babake.

  • Comments:
    Innocent Kittsao: Go are the days. Alihit sana huyu jamaa na amepotea. Bt ukimsaidia kurudi ulingoni itakuwa poa sana.
  • Mijikenda One People One Voice Group Kenya: Uko na roho poa brother ukiwa na uwezo wakumsaidia msaidie …
  • Done Can Charrow: People make decisions on daily basis or depending on the prevailing circumstances&it is everyones dream to see their life better than before.Unaeza mrudisha kwa usanii kumbe hio ndo ilikua chanzo cha matatizo yake(ama in short it wasn’t his career choice)so better analyse his situation first and get to know whether he is really again in

    Escobar Babake

    terested in it or not.

  • Jembe Amani: Usiwe waongea kutafuta kiki,ukimanisha tutaona.
  • Chai Chivatsi KE: Huyu jamaa alihit sana, I guess he needs a bit of good management.

From this, Escobar Fans HOPE has continued to grow, all waiting to see his songs racking up the charts as they used to. We wish them all the BEST”.


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