Following the death news of the gospel musician and pastor Illagosa wa Illagosa, gospel musians have rallied together to mourn his loss.
The Kakamega County-born singer of the songs “SALA ZANGU,” who had been ill for two months, passed away while undergoing treatment according to a daily news site.

Annastacia kiatu kivue ”Ooh God ??now how do I write rip Ilagosa ?????????
The Doctor confirmed you were poisoned and who poisoned you bhane?????,ulikua kwa harusi yangu ukiniimbia mwana wa mberi bhayaye…???? now you are gone rip”

Musical minister / worshiper

Ali Mukhwana posted ……

”What a sad day I can’t Believe you are No More My Brother Ilagosa Wa Ilagosa Music ??? it’s Very hard to Type RIP.”

It is with deep sorrow and heavy hearts, light has shown brightly through all those years and his love for music and God’s word was deep and genuine. His legacy will live on for years and years to come.

Grief is a universal emotion. It’s something we all feel, no matter where we come from or what we’ve been through. Grief comes for us all and as humans who form close relationships with other people, it’s hard to avoid. Please keep his family, in your thoughts and prayers during these difficult days.

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