Giving us all the glimpse of fun from the new video he released days ago on cast with a Muzungu Video Vixen, reknown HipHop artist Jah Cobb  released the new video of his most sold out track peddling days ago via youtube and promising to Launch it in this coming days.
 If you had barely heard about IfikieWazazi thing then its no secret about this video produced, mastered and directed by Producer Tecknix, click here to watch
  Jahcob having a conversation with JesbcrazyMedia writer upon being asked about the song he had this to reply, 

”Heheheee my song is aimed to mobilize people to work for a better life and challenges people to look beyond vanity and live for change urging youths to keep on Peddling as nothing is easy as it takes time to be a master.” Said Jahcob. 

   He puts in effort in giving out the love of Hip Hop through Music. He has done several tracks among them featuring Ohms Law Montana 
  NOTE: JahCob and his producer TECHNIXX are set for ”MATIMONI” video shoot of new track not yet released. 
   Jahcob music like peddling among others of his can be shopped and downloaded online from iTunes. Amazon, click on the links to download or listen to more of his songs… 

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