He is one of the most celebrated gospel radio presenter in one of the Mombasa local radio stations who hails from Tudor and has haad an opportunity to interview gospel bigwigs like Bonny Mwaitege, Annastacia Mukabwa  among others.
   He keeps the word of praising and worshiping God at any given time, his relationship with female ladies is always restricted with no trespassing into her private life affair as he is married and blessed with one beautiful Kid.

   According to his close friend (Name Withheld) who was in company of the said Presenter, On Friday 6th 2018 in the evening around 9:00pm, the friend purchased a Cologne Perfume that he sprayed on the presenters cloth. Upon reaching his home the wife smelled an unusual odor and this made her to caution the presenter.
  JesbcrazyMedia upon our investigations this is how the conversation went with the presenter without knowing we were on following the story.

             Wife: Aiiii Dadi kwani nina Mke mwenza na sijui? 

            Presenter: Hapana Mummy Kwani kuna nini? 

           Wife: Sema tu, huwezi niheshimu hadi unanukia marashi yake?   

           Presenter: Mummy navyokupenda na kukuheshimu, nikimwogopa Mungu thats the last thing i can do. I respect our marriage. Ni marashi tu mwenzangu alinunua na nikajispray, you can call him as he can bare witness.

  There is a literal commandment that a man who turns against his wife and falsely accuses her of adultery is forbidden to divorce her but not the way round for a wife so my worry as Jesbcrazy Media should Mp’s introduce a Law to help men on this? Hahaha a thought only.

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