In a bid to revive the cultural landscape of Malindi, Kenya, Maabara Atelier joins forces with partners Retro Publishing, Mucii Pictures, Mwembe Resort, and TK Events to organize a series of dynamic events. Their mission is to breathe new life into Malindi’s cultural scene, fostering a diverse creative ecosystem that enriches the community’s fabric.


The lineup includes theatrical plays, musical and dance performances, feature films, and community theater, all aimed at showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Kilifi County. Noteworthy successes include the staging of Malindi’s first theatrical show since 2012 and the Coast Afro-Latin Malindi Escapade Easter festival.


Working hand in hand with government entities like the Kilifi County Department of Gender, Culture, Social Services, Youth & Sports, and the Department of Tourism, Maabara and its partners ensure inclusive and diverse platforms for artistic expression.


Through collaboration with local artists, residents, and visitors, Maabara Atelier promotes social integration and community cohesion while instilling a renewed appreciation for the arts. Their commitment to nurturing talent and inspiring creativity sets the stage for a vibrant cultural scene in Malindi for years to come.


Highlighting the upcoming event, “Tug of War ‘Vuta N’Kuvute,'” directed by Amil Shivji, the film promises an immersive cinematic experience. Starring Ikhlas Vora, Gudrun Mwanyika, and Nick Reding, the production unfolds at the Cleopatra Theatre on Casuarina Road, Malindi, from April 11th to 14th, 2024. Preceding the main show, a pre-screening workshop on storytelling and filmmaking will be held on April 10th at Retro and Co Bookstore, Mwembe Resort, featuring Ikhlas Vora and Ogutu Muraya. Additionally, a Salsa Night is scheduled for April 12th at Mwembe Resort, promising a night of lively entertainment.


For those eager to attend or sponsor the event, tickets are available at Kes 500 for a single ticket, Kes 800 for couples, Kes 10,000 for corporate tickets (8 pax), Kes 1500 for VVIP, and Kes 2000 for squad tickets (group of 5). Payments can be made through Buy Goods Till number 8614230. Contact +254 748 780 649 or +254 722 554 722 for further details.


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