Chris Wekesa receiving his Award.

Chris Wekesa, a distinguished former police officer and currently the head of security at Daystar University, has recently been honored with the prestigious Star of Excellence Award (SOEA) at Daystar University. Wekesa, known for his dedication and commitment to his roles, was recognized by the university community for his outstanding contributions.

Taking to his social media account, Wekesa expressed his gratitude, stating,  “Honored to have been voted by students of Daystar University as the Best Dressed Staff of the Year that was held at the Karen Hub over the weekend. Little things matter. It’s God. #Waliobarikiwa” This acknowledgment not only highlights his professionalism but also underscores the importance of attention to detail and the impact of his work on the student body.

Beyond his role in ensuring the safety and security of the university campus, Wekesa is also known for his talents outside the realm of law enforcement. He has showcased his musical prowess as a choir director, having previously led the St. Anthony’s Cathedral Catholic Choir in Malindi. He achieved notable success, including being awarded 1st runner-up in the Kilta Awards 2023.

Wekesa’s multifaceted talents and his dedication to excellence serve as an inspiration to both his colleagues and the students he serves. His ability to excel in diverse fields underscores his commitment to continuous personal and professional growth.

The Star of Excellence Award not only recognizes Wekesa’s individual achievements but also symbolizes Daystar University’s commitment to acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of its staff members. As an institution dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of excellence, Daystar University prides itself on honoring individuals like Chris Wekesa, whose dedication and passion enrich the university community.

Chris Wekesa’s receipt of the Star of Excellence Award serves as a testament to his outstanding contributions to Daystar University and exemplifies the values of professionalism, dedication, and excellence that the institution upholds. His story is a reminder that regardless of one’s background or role, hard work, and commitment can lead to well-deserved recognition and success.

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