It’s not uncommon for coastal musicians to be involved in bitter feuds over plagiarism online just like their Nairobi counterparts. 
  But when they get accused of plagiarism, things get a little bit interesting. Their artistry comes into question, and everyone feels like they can weigh in on whether someone purposely stole another artist’s music.

Kras the Promolord

 For instance in this case Dancehall Mombasa promo-lord VINCENT KRAS has taken online accusing artist IDDI SINGER whose star has risen over the recent days over a ‘SLAY QUEEN’ riddim track he released days ago before Kitole Kenda’s one. In the post with a hard tagline Kras wrote….


Here is the Original Version of the Slay Queen song that was intended to be the lead single of our #SlayQueenRiddim Project before Iddi Singer rushed to release his weak version. He Came to the studio ( STANTMASTAZ R.I.P) and found Kitole Kenda recording the slay queen song , Got interested in voicing the riddim too and after consultation we agreed to include him so he was to arrange on when to record with Teknixx Dality . I don’t know what transpired in between but few weeks later the greedy skinny boy posts a release poster of a song titled slay queen on the riddim but as usual riddims are released as one set with all the songs and there’s no way two songs can have the same tittle as the riddim on one riddim so it was evident he had decided to sabotage the entire project with his London boyfriend putting a weak verse then sponsoring a flashy video that hasn’t really blown up weeks after release despite all the TV interviews . I regret adding him on this project and advice other artists never to voice their rich ideas in his presence coz he will steal it and waste it.” posted KRAS.

Truth might be known by them only between Kitole Kenda, Iddi Singer, yet the producer (Teknixx Dality) is silent on this but commented on a friendly weigh, Iddi Singer with all the mentions he hasn’t  released a statement concerning this accusations.
From the comments various entertainment stake holders had this to say……

  •       Stantmastaz Kenya Mbona umeniua na sijakufaa… RIP Vincent Kras.”
  •  Bonney Blaze – ” I saw that slay queen imititatiom bng released nkajua something ain’t adding up so was jus sitting tight to see something unravelling.kumbe my instincts were right?? What happened to creativity.Wataiba lakink watambue bado uko top of the game bro.they better recognise.”

 Iddi Singer couldn’t be left out too from commenting and he had to say this…  
 This is what happens when you push your work to broader markets and audience. They get asked where they see themselves in the next 5 years, seeing me accomplish that today makes them mad.. ‘Lanes’ brothers. Keep sailing and jus let me catch these flights, I’ll come to your rescuesaid Iddi Singer.

  •  Ring Ring Entertaiment Dickson – ” I wonder wats going on in da game coz I also c Ability n Bawazir on the fight about a song UNANIBAMBA…..producers n artists kunnini?”
  •  DjBunduki Champion Owino – ”There must be a proper agreement with you artists plus the producers coz bila hio itakuwa balaaaa kila kukicha!!! Let’s come together and build each other…No need of fusing and fighting….”
  •  Teekay Kamah”Vincent Kras How You Related to This Riddim I don’t know, but That’s So Much Negativity From a Rasta bro, Spread Love Not War ?. One Love Always. Joseph Kitole You dope My Nigga… No Doubt. Iddi Singer You Dope af too. Infact a Collabo From You Two Would Be ? ? ? ? For The County.”
  In a collective debate from other posts and comments it might sound as a public stunt (KIKI) where fans have regrouped themselves to support their favorite #SlayQueenRiddim but doesn’t seem to stop promo-lord Kras who never runs short of hits and ready to reply to anyone irrespective of his/her status, he posted again…. ”We only thought #HeSings little did we know #HeSteals too”
  Some have blamed it on producer Teknixx who is the producer of the two songs done differently on the same riddim beat.
  From other comments on the same Slay Queen riddim issue some had their say…. 

    Edris Modrus Moussa – by the look of all this I blame #Teknixx as the culprit cause he knew the song belongs to #Kitole & he went ahead to produced it”

  Radio presenter Solomon Zully couldn’t be left out and this he said… ”Listened to the Two Songs clearly kuna difference the only resemblance Is the Tag Line Slay queen….nothing more…. My take….”

Baraka fm presenter Captain Lui today during his Mid Morning show have requested to have Iddi Singer and Kras on the show hence warning them not to go physical during the interview.

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