Everlyne Wanjiru, a gospel singer, was reported to be pregnant after ten years of waiting on social media yesterday. Some people thanked and praised God. Now, the singer has shared a video of a song she wrote to express her gratitude for being blessed with a kid.
The song “ASANTE” appears to have been recorded previously while the singer was on a prenatal trip, but the video looks to be a baby shower ceremony that was prepared in secret by relatives and friends. The vixens are clad in white and blue in the video. Blue or blue is used to represent the male sex when identifying the sex of the infant. The baby’s name, according to Mercy Masika, is “USHINDI.”

The two love birds are set to welcome a newborn into their family as they mark 10 years in marriage. “Today my heart is full of Joy and gratitude. As I write this, my eyes are full of tears. I have been waiting for this season for 10 years in my marriage. A blessed womb, God has fulfilled His promise in our lives,” Ms Wanjiru shared.

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