Tudor Mca Hon Tobias Samba, who is eying to retain his Tudor Ward seat as an MCA……….. has condemned recent happenings taking place in his ward to his political team. He narrated on his timeline how he has been an advocate of peace and it has never been his wish to see someone bleed because of him or politics. Quoting an incident, as they were having their roadshow traversing within Tudor Estate a day ago, a rival group led by his political opponent, ‘candidate’ made direct passage in between their team with what he posted ”his jeshi carrying rungus and machetes” as he claims on the post.

Hon Samba proceeded to write that he had have written to the Dci and the iebc and odm at the same time.  ”This has to be investigated and action taken appropriately.” Part of the post read.

Here is the full post on his Facebook account……..

 ”They say politics will come and go and its true. I can’t fail to condemn what has been happening in tudor offlate as far as politics is concerned. I have been an advocate of peace and it has never been my wish to see someone bleed because of me or politics. I have tried to play cool even if they provoke me. All the candidates have hanged their banners now over three months and no one has ever dared to bring their banners down. Campaign materials are very expensive and if an aspirants can send his goons to destroy someone’s posters and banners that’s cowardness. I placed my banners three days ago and a candidate that has a militia in the name of jeshi sent his goons to bring my banner down and ran away with it. Secondly everyone has a right to organise activity provided you are within the law. Yesterday as we were having our roadshow traversing within tudor estate rival group led by the candidate made direct passage in between our team with his jeshi carrying rungus and machetes Harrison our people in our own convoy failing to understand was it a must he pass through our team to provoke us. Election act is very clear same as parties act this is what we can’t tollarate anymore. Yesterday you even snatched our banners from our supporters this won’t end up well if the trend continue unchecked. I have written to the Dci and the iebc and odm at the same time This has to be investigated and action taken appropriately. To my supporters let remain calm knowing that these are our brother,sisters,mothers and fathers if we hurt and injure one another it shall be a blow to us as the community. We can’t afford to shed blood because of petty politics. God bless you all. God bless Tudor people. We are not shedding any blood’
The post has since attracted quite a number of comments anad likes……
  Ali Bin Kubo – Kiongozi mi nasubiri uangushe mtu kwa mchujo tarehe 6 In shaa Allah…mwanzo sisi kama youths from Mombasa he has failed us big time…hata bill moja hajapitisha bunge ya vijanaa..bure kabisa!
Apiyo Lily – This time round there is more of intra political parties wrangles morer than inter.

Party primaries will help make and mend all though might be after lots of mess if not curbed on time.
Thank you remaining and choosing to be peaceful.
Willy Lykat – Shedding of blood because of politics is un acceptable.

Politics come and go we shall always remain brothers and sisters ?.


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