Athman Hussein (NMK), Simeon Oriko(Board Chair),Prof Saeed Mwagunyi (Tum)

   Swahili pot hub announced Pwani Innovation week that will provide opportunities to learn showcase and experience innovation in action as well as provide a forum for discussion about a regional innovation strategy.

       Innovation Week 2018 for itself is an innovation in the region that is held for the first time. Which will inspire the environment and provide you with amazing stimulation of the mind to meet your future aspirations.

      In his statement to journalists, at a press conference in Swahili pot hub, Mr. Simon Oriko a board member of the Swahili pot hub explained that, the intention to build an innovation ecosystem focused on creating and supporting new businesses. Mr. Oriko also added that the creation and development of existing ideas to improve and fix existing problems, is indeed considered innovation.      

Mr Noor member Swahili Pot hub.

       Pwani innovation week features a variety of events in one week including a two day conference on Dec 6-7 to be hosted at the Kenya coast national polytechnic Mombasa. Other events include talks, pitching workshops and entertainment. Apart of the e programming will feature family, art and cultural events.

   Pwani innovation week provides an opportunity to mainstream innovation across all sectors including the big four – manufacturing, universal health care, affordable housing and food security where they are in partnership with ICT A Authority, SEACOM, NATIONAL MEUSEUM OF KENYA, PREMIER HOSPITAL, SWAHILI POT, IOX, CELLULANT, HACKEREARTH, HEALTHY AFRICA EMPOWWERED PEOPLE, KENYA PORTS AUTHORITY, KENYA NATIONAL POLYTECHNIC- MOMBASA TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTE, MOI UNIVERSITY. 

Members of the community listening in attendance.

        ”With the theme “Meeting Future Aspirations ” It’s our plan as the organising team to help come up with an innovation strategy and provide networking, learning and showcasing opportunities for creatives. It’s our commitment to seek partners and expertise to move innovations,startups to SME levels and beyond.” Mr Mahmoud Noor

    The Coast Region of Kenya consisting of 6 Counties – Mombasa, Kwale, Kilifi, Taita Taveta, Tana River and Lamu, is an emerging market for all industrial sectors and despite all challenges, the community eady to learn from the innovation leaders and to showcase their innovations to a large theme focused audience. 

     ”The innovation driving this technology is exciting, is critical to ensuring that innovation continues to promote the innovation ecosystem” said hub board member ORIKO.

During the press briefing.

Swahilipot Hub has been working towards empowering the community through Technology, Creative Innovations and mentor-ship. To promote growth of promising startups, it has initiated Social Business Incubation for startups and provided for a Co-working space in the Coast region with innovation collaborations woven in its culture. Pwani Innovation Week is a means for Swahilipot Hub to map out the innovators and grow the community base, encouraging all bodies to boost cooperation and create a nurturing environment for innovations and innovators in the Region.
 In addition to providing co-working space and networking opportunities, talks by invited speakers and events, Swahilipot Hub provides additional business support, mentoring and other services that stimulate the innovation ecosystem in the region.
  It will take place on December 3-7 at the Coast National Polytechnic.

This news was collected and compiled by #JesbcrazyMedia member Mr Reuben and edited by #King’ori.
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