In the ever-evolving realm of artistry, the journey of an artist is often filled with challenges, triumphs, and the relentless pursuit of creativity. Recently, from what TEE HITS Mombasa based creative, artist/Producer has posted on his Facebook page is that he has found himself donning the title of “President” as he passionately advocated for the coastal artists to awaken from the shadows that sometimes shroud their brilliance. He proceeds to narrate that it was a battle to shake the foundations, to remind them of their worth, and to champion their creativity.

Kuna wakati nilikua napigana sana wasanii wetu waamke na ndio maana nikajiita Rais kwa sababu nilifanikiwa kuwaamsha…
Sai kazi kutoka Coast ni nyingi sanaaa shida ni mashabiki wetu wanaponda kila kinachofanywa na wasanii wa Coast..
Ni huzuni sana instead wasupport wao ndio wajuaji wa kila kitu… Najua mnataka wabadilike wafanye vitu vizuri but at least appreciate effort za wasanii wetu kutoa audio na video sio rahisi. Please tuwache dhana mbaya na tu support wasanii wetu🙏🙏🙏  Le President has Spoken.
Hizi hapa kazi mpya kutoka kwa Wale Theking na Echo 254

Tee Hits say’s he understands the desire for change and improvement, but urges us not to forget the significance of gratitude and besieges fellow enthusiasts, not to leave behind any negative notions and embrace a culture of support for it’s a call to action and a plea to recognize and uplift the artists, fostering an environment where their creativity can truly flourish.

Parting shot, requesting us to collectively abandon the notion of crushing our artists’ endeavors and instead become the unwavering supporters who appreciate, applaud, and uplift. The President has spoken, and now, it is our turn to echo a resounding appreciation for the new works from Wale Theking and Echo 254. Together, let us be the wind beneath the wings of our artists, propelling them to new heights in their creative endeavors.

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