Hon George KithiHon George Kithi
      Renowned Lawyer and Politician in Kilifi County has come out on the rescue of Kilifi artists, being the savior you may say right? In a long post on his Facebook page he has narrated detailed information on how well he knows and understands what is needed for the artists or rather those involved in the entertainment scene to make it big and earn from what they do.
  He posted:
   ”We noticed great potential in our artists that should be nurtured through different means including but not limited to exposing them to this beautiful and profitable industry.
The music industry is where, with proper strategy and hard work, one can become a millionaire in a twinkle of an eye provided that he/she knows what he’s doing and what’s the goal for him/her.
When I say the music industry can change somebody’s life within a short period, I know what I am saying because I have some knowledge of what this great sector can offer when you’re disciplined and focused.
Exploring different means of marketing strategies, our products from social media platforms, concerts and air play in our entertainment units to supporting our upcoming artists can be a stepping stone into the making of Kilifi Music to the world.
The industry is not for the lazy but for the creative individuals who will even come up with songs/genre depending on the market/wave, though must be well thought, and must not change the identity of an artist. We’ve seen this recently where everyone came up with amapiano; and it really paid!
Tapping ideas into meaningful strategies for our youths in this industry is what I have been doing for the last one month after the very successful event on 31st December, and I will truly work on them. As a tourist destination, Kilifi must have more concerts, our towns must be visible!!
George Kithi from the post has vowed to see concersts, events in Kilifi County becomes the landmark of attraction in Tourism.

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