It is believed that opportunity once lost can never be regained, and life is too short, so why not live it to the fullest? 
  This are words that can be used to describe PRODUZA KHALID proclaimed “LEGENDARY DJ” who had been away in Deejaying scene in a couple of 9 years who today was hosted in Mid morning show at Baraka FM to Battle with DJ Dave.
  Yes and Khalid was a DISSAPPOINTMENT, this could be read from some of DJ’s comments in one COAST SHOWBIZ UNLIMITED WhatsApp group,
#DjJeff “@⁨Khalid Produza⁩ brotherman waanza kulia haujashika machine for nine years n you still want a battle???
Okay I garra go.” And added….. “Tell @⁨Khalid Produza⁩  to stick to production na ajifunze kuheshimu Deejays. The way he is playing its like anapanga ngoma kwa Mp3 player ya simu. Thats ain’t a battle”

#DjWilly254 wallai i garra go juu…. legend mtu ama legend ya mzinga…..
   This comments might sound Negative but bitter truth is Khalid previously had spearheaded a hot debatable topic #PizzaPizzaPizza directed to a DJ with ‘protruding Mashavu mashavu’ mercilessly without fear of repucution whatsoever.
    Khalid dared any Radio DJ to show up his salary payslip which NON SHOWED UP even after offering 50,000/= in addition. He won on that and loosing on the live interview battle ain’t a stop for him as he had massively gunnered followers over his posts on call of coast entertainment stakeholders to change and support 100% local talents.
   Khalid later in a post apologized citing his dormancy touching the machine.
Quoting….. “Just asking, did anyone expect me to win after 9 years of absence…? ? Hata software sikuwa nayo, sija que songs…. Technology nayo ku change…

But now here is the thing,watch out for round two. From Monday I will be posting videos practicing and scratching. I must revenge in 7 days time…. No one beats the Legend.

Thanks for my bro @⁨Vj Dave⁩ for setting the standards. I Will retaliate soon.

I’m keeping it 100%254 Hits…”

    Most entertainment bigwigs and fans have expectations of how something is going to turn out but for Khalid he has promised to keep it 100% Kenyan. Question is will KHALID manage? 

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