Susumila new Track.

   Susumila Yusuf mombasa’s top lyrical Guru is at it again with a brand new single DISS audio #Tebwere a potshot to HATERS produced by Produza Totti, that has generated controversy with how he utters and plays around with the words as yet he hasn’t confirmed if its simply a creative piece that has not targeted at any one.
  #Tebwere is a HIT as Susumila takes on the beat with RAP flows, 
  “Has he triggered  war of words to his competitors, Stakeholders, Artists, Djs or who has Susumila targeted here?” same question we might be asking ourselves following recent accusations directed to him having joined the most feared occult Illuminati which he boldly refuted claiming its haters who are after his downfall. 
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Susumila at a past event.

  This #Tebwere track is grabbing media attention and becoming one of the most publicized music ‘wars’ in the coastal region and at the end of the song he warns “Alafu ukijibu mi nakuroga’‘.

Susumila at a past Show.

    To further buttress my sentiments, i might note that, if you listen to the song, nobody’s name is mentioned.   If I want to diss you, I can go straight by calling your name but as the swahili saying goes ”Mwenye mavi hujishuku.” so who might that be?

 Click here to download or listen to the audio.     Clink on the link to download Susumila’s Tebwere Audio.

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