Liban Hirsi

   Liban Hirsi former Jomvu political Mp aspirant in past party nominations is one of the few generous people willingly to help and involve themselves with the Jomvu community and the youth utmost despite the high rate of unemployment manning around in youths.
  Following an article here on  . shared by a leading radio presenter Solomon Zully Caught Liban’s attention that he contacted the teams managerial bench.
  Liban  maintained his good name and has come out to answer GOLDEN FC plea call of sponsorship as they were stranded to attend tomorrow Saturday’s 16th 2017 Sakata Dimba Tournament to represent ”West COAST” that is Jomvu and Changamwe constituencies combined after emerging winners at constituency level recently hammering the solid teams around.
  The under 20 Golden Fc team from Mikindani has received Liban’s support on comfortable TRANSPORTATION and LUNCH among other goodies fully catered for TWO DAYS.

Golden Fc

 The team is yet to receive any support from current Jomvu and Mikindani leadership but they have high hopes the leaders will comply with them for future save of talent in sports as they champion to win the SAKATA DIMBA TITLE.

Mikindani GOLDEN FC call to well wishers as team is stranded after WINNING ‘Sakata Dimba Tounament constituency level’ to battle it out at Mbaraki Sports this Saturday.

MEJJA with some of the team players.

  Identifying the GOLDEN FC team with Liban is truly like reaching out to the wounded victim in a good way to show the importance of mission and to draw attention to the fact that there is need to support youths talented in different forms throughout Jomvu constituency as he has proven to be a source of support and consolation to needy people.
 Efforts to reach Liban were unfruitful as his phone was off, but here is a message from MEJJA BLESSINGS on behalf of the team to Liban. 
”I take this opportunity to thank Liban for his support to the team, we pray to God to shower lots of blessings to him.”

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