Njugush the comedian.

  BLAZE BYOB (Be Your Own Boss), is a trendy summit event, one of the biggest and most respected festivals currently on rotational in Kenya that comes with energy and lots of goodies for the ambitious individuals and its now time for MOMBASA.
  Everyone is invited to be part of the summit, not as an exhibitor, but to meet and learn from Mentors of their choice and go back home and create something that impresses their passion.

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  If you had always had a dream to create a space for passion or interest in fashion, sports, business, media and journalism, creative arts, music, photography, innovation, Comedy this is the time, so its upon you to create time and attend the #BoybSummit going down this weekend, Saturday 25th 2017 from 8am at Mombasa Sports Club.
  Visit or take along the brothers and sisters to acquire skills and learn more from their mentors who will be in the #ByobPods on a one on one interactions and later congregating for a talk session.
Lots of fun, games, and Live mix music from Dj’s will be taking place at the summit.
 For leads of advance tickets that comes with a bunch of bundles call 0727600925 or buy on ticketsasa.

   ”BYOB is a boon owned by BLAZE that organizes BYOB Summits, Bootcamps, Events and other youth-empowerment related programs. BYOB aims to teach youth how they can BE THEIR OWN BOSSES, and earn from their passion and talents. This is done through events, talks, TV shows, workshops, training courses, etc.”

 For advertisement, Interviews, events, Birthdays etc call King’ori on     +254727600925

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One thought on “It’s back!!! BLAZE BYOB Mombasa summit happening this SATURDAY 25th. ‘Kosa Uchekwe’”
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