Gloria Muliro one of the celebrated women of God in Kenya has called it quits from Singlehood, (since she divorced with Pastor Eric Omba in 2015 citing infidelity and mistreatment) and she is now dating Evans Sabwami an American citizen, a pastor and engineer.

She confirmed this in an interview with Standard Digital and she said, ”I am in love with a wonderful man of God, and what you could have heard is not a rumour.

We have kept this a private affair, but I can talk about it now because I have the go-ahead from my soon to be husband.”

She also disclosed that  Sabwami, her new man is an American citizen and was divorced more than eight years ago and has been single since then.

Speaking to the Standard she added, “The most important thing is that God gave me strength to walk through the fire and come out stronger. I wouldn’t want to talk about what happened back then. That is behind me now”

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