Phobia Dan is one of the most talented and hardworking Spoken word artists, from mombasa to the streets of Nairobi all for the love and passion of being an Artist, and tonight he will be featured in Churchill show. Phobia started an online war over a re-known Spoken word artist of stealing his lyrics and performing to the TV audience. This made him to take his woes to Churchill offices and after being tested and the waters found sweeter, through the love of friendship with Poet Tear Drops Phobia will be performing tonight.
Image may contain: 1 personPhobia was and still is a recording artist to BigFoot recording label under the mechanical care Produza Baindo. He currently has a song dubbed “Still proud be kenyan” featuring Mtu Saba. he stands on his own being unique at all levels.   He puts things straight as it is. here one of his past posts on integrity……

“Daddy Owen is the only Kenyan Artist mwenye amewahi kubali kuwa ameandikiwa ngoma the rest ni kujichocha tu. Remember the Song Mwema by Mercy Masika, was written for her na ndio imemuiniwa. Nimeandikia Wengi na huwa nasema si lazima uni market but yesterday, i had a meeting with some stakeholders in showbiz with an aim of forming an independent body for writers alone. Now since i double up as a performing artist n a writer, it seems like i will be embarking on selfish rules to help promote integrity n embrace professionalism. Coz some are becoming artists not coz they got delivery but becoz of connections n money for fame. This Time Round ni Show Na Bizz.” By Phobia.

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