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Kenyan gospel minister Guardian Angel has been featured by Tanzania sensational artist Obby Alpha in a major collaboration in the gospel ministry with a powerful and uplifting musical experience titled ”Pigana na Mungu”.

Guardian Angel with his legendary gospel career across East Africa and enjoys millions of following across the globe and Obby Alpha a rising star in Tanzania known for his contemporary sound and currently trending with ‘BORA KUSHUKURU”, have created a fusion of classic and modern gospel in the tune ”Pigana na Mungu”.

The collaborative process itself between the artists has become a testament to the shared Christian belief in the transformative power of music to spread the gospel across all nations. From the song you can easily tell Guardian and Obby joined forces not merely for artistic synergy but with a collective intention to inspire and uplift listeners, delivering messages of hope, faith, and love.

In the shared language of melodies and lyrics, this collaboration has become a conduit for spiritual expression, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose they lend their unique voices to the collective singing, the songs message becomes a resounding crescendo, echoing far beyond the realms of music into the souls of those who listen to surrender and let God fight on their behalf rather than taking it upon themselves.

The video has already attracted hundreds of comments since its upload.

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