Pascal Tokodi And Grace Ekirapa

Media personalities Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi are facing rumors about a potential separation. An unidentified source informed a local news website that the couple, who got married in December 2022, have been living apart since November 2023.

When approached for a statement, Tokodi gave a concise and somewhat vague response, stating, “We are actually doing okay. But thanks for asking.” He emphasized that if one were to ask Grace, she would provide the same response, affirming that they are fine.

On the other hand, Ekirapa chose a more cautious approach. Surprised by the inquiry, she mentioned, “This phone call has caught me by surprise.” Referring to the details of their relationship, she asserted, “I don’t think that is not something I would want to talk about with someone from outside.”

While Christmas photos on social media suggest the couple spending time together, there has been a noticeable change on Tokodi’s social media. Unlike his previous habit of frequently featuring his wife, recent posts seldom include Ekirapa.

The combination of this reduced online presence and ambiguous responses has sparked speculation among Kenyan social media users, eliciting reactions ranging from concern to humorous memes.

As Ekirapa and Tokodi opt to keep their personal lives private, the true status of their marriage remains uncertain. Only time will reveal whether these rumors are mere whispers or indicative of something more substantial.

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