His real name is Jacob Juma Bwire famously known by stage name Jah Cob, whose music has been on top of chats in most of the local Kenyan airwaves from Mombasa to Nairobi across all counties on Hip Hop shows.
  He is sending hardwork and talent signal causing sleepless nights to the them then legends creating a huge fan-base around Mombasa and Kenya as a whole entertainment scene thus targeting the international market for himself with much love of his music rap style.
 Probably most of people who hear him for the first time requests to know more about who really Jah Cobb the super rapper is.
   Not the other way round where we have seen most of coastal artists trying to create unnecessary noise through fake/pretentious stories (Kiki) for attention, Jah Cob’s music speaks for himself. 
  JahCob hasn’t had an opportunity to market his music but his music has played the part relating to a swahili saying ”Chema chajiuza Kibaya chajitembeza”

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 I caught up with him and this is how it went…. 

”I’m sorry to say, i had to fraud myself to an orphan in order to be enrolled in an orphanage just to benefit like i ain’t got no parents, but that was just the beginning, most of the time i could skip and go spend a week in the streets, hustling from the terrains of kibera,hii tabia ya uchokoch i guess ina raha zake, everything seemed expeditious to me by then, ile tu kubeba gunia was tiresome and drew a lot of attention, but i did sale ndechu, brass copper, aluminium, Bones & plastics to a guy called man man” 

  He grew up in Kibera and describes then times life was full of advantageous environment and believes he can make it anywhere now without any obstacles to stop or hinder him from achieving his dreams.  He continues……

    ”I remember by the time my best friend Adisoh and his brother Bonex used to write raps with Octopizo, and i was nothing but *yule msee* just guy, we used to hang out in studio with virus, ygb and the rest of the crew just to name a few them days.  All i could do for them was acquiring permission to use our school hall for rap battles where Octopizzo dominated but Virus was great I never knew how to rap then, it was back in 2005-07 after my completion of high school i had to go find my parents and so i ended up in Mombasa where my dad had camped for a living, and so he had me enrolled in college which afterwards i got a job which i’m the boss to date, while in college is when i realized this was the red light, i had to come up with ways of being like my old friends, i trained my self to rap learning from king Kaka though I dropped his style, also tried octo’s, ygb, kforce, until i became who I AM. #Jahcobb one in a million. Blessed.” 

Jesbcrazy: What advice would you give to artists who want to pop where you are now?
               Jahcob= That’s why there’s so much mediocre songs and compositions out there. Focus on your music and then, if anyone is interested in knowing where you came from and what your professional history is, then you’re good to go. So, first, you need to get people to listen to your music.
Jesbcrazy; Maritual status
               Jahcob= Married and satisfied. 
Jesbcrazy; Coastal Femcee you admire and crash?
                Jahcob=   Ruthalia Benjamin’s
Jesbcrazy; Why Ruthalia?
               Jahcob=  I know she ain’t an artist but she got me…. with her energy and expression she does great work for upcoming and well established artists in Mombasa.
Jesbcrazy; Where can we get your songs?

               Jahcob: My music like peddling can be shopped and downloaded online from iTunes. Amazon, click on the links to download or listen to the songs…

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