A new radio station is set to be Launched on 1st of November 2017.

 This is according to a senior staff from the station who refused to be named, said they are finalizing the stations set up located within the Coastal Island near CBD.
   It will be airing in the larger coastal counties whose targeted audience is majorly the the Muslim fraternity this is according to the sources who kept it vigil not to be identified.

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  The station has been playing non-stop music without commercials, adverts, inserts and to that advent they’ve poached several leading presenters, producers from top radio stations around Mombasa.
 The radio will cover all services offered by a running radio including news, music, shows to sooth the locals.

DISCLAIMER;Upon our news reporter King’ori visiting the radio station photo taking inside it was prohibited s one of the staff feared her/his position hence we hide the stations ”Swahili Name”

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