Be Positive: The Sun Shined and The Clouds Promised the Rain.

There are battles that people are fighting alone, They put a smile on their face but deep down they’re dying, Their hearts are broken into pieces, Others are beyond repairs.

They cry at night, in the shower but laugh loud in the morning, Sometimes it’s just easier to lie that you’re okay than admitting you’re going through hard times, I think the world is at rush that everyone is trying to make ends meet, Causing the tension that make people to forget about everyone else and concentrating on self love and family if they’ve one. Now, a disturbed soul, a stressed person will find it hard almost impossible to approach someone else who is busy with their schedule just to talk to them and their problem and struggles.  The fear of being dismissed or not given attention makes them to struggle alone, The fear of just being comforted with a “sorry” things will work out soon, Or just keep “praying”.

God is answering your prayers, Make them stay at the corner of darkness just lost in thoughts, We no longer have true friends, maybe one b

ut a dying soul is always afraid of being judged, Being afraid of people pointing fingers at them, Being a laughing stock of the society! But on the brighter note, There’s power in spoken words, It doesn’t matter if you’ll get the help you expected, but speaking up has a way of lifting much weight from your shoulder. That assurance of faith from someone that everything will be fine, means a lot, That hug from someone who listened to you is magical, Those positive words, like be strong, keep fighting, hang in there trust me it helps.

    ”Try not to hold so much thoughts, anger, stress for too long by yourself because eventually it becomes Depression. Yes, depression is REAL! And accepting you have a problem and telling it to someone that’s the beginning of healing process. Today’s lesson. Learn to talk to someone, don’t allow yourself to be consumed from the inside.” Be Positive.’


Priscilla Wachira

* Trustworthy * Article Writer * Virtual Assistant * A poet – SHE IS BASED IN MALINDI.

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  1. This is so true because it’s something am going through and the fear of being judged, ridiculed and laughed at is so real i hide behind a smile and confident voice but deep inside am lost, lonely and when i lost my mum to cancer i found out that my sister was all along living in depression but for reason unknown i didn’t know about it till very late so i have to be strong even when there seems to be no way out. Am i also depressed i ask myself but again am writing this so i turn to God. Thank you for the read. It made me open up but more so thank you for the enlightenment that there’s nothing wrong with speaking out. God bless you admin Priscilla Wachira.

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